Questor Upstream

QUE$TOR is a global project modelling and decision support tool for use in the upstream oil and gas industry.

It provides a time-tested solid basis for generating up-to-date cost estimates through a quick and consistent methodology, grounded in standard engineering algorithms.

Over 30 cost databases ensure global coverage

Thousands of users in hundreds of oil companies

Over 90,000 data points updated twice every year


‒ QUE$TOR provides flexibility to help leverage experience and measure performance, by allowing NOCs to optimise and compare development plans through a consistent and reliable framework. Especially when comparing costs for cost recovery purposes
‒ NOCs have a clear view of their own developments and operations
‒ QUE$TOR enables NOCs to leverage knowledge in order model and compare developments an aconsistent manor


‒ QUE$TOR's speed and consistency helps reduce time on the early phase of the project life cycle
‒ NOCs have a historical understanding of their own costs
‒ QUE$TOR allows NOCs to use their own costs and insight to explore variations on development concepts

Cost Data

‒ QUE$TOR ensures NOCs have a reliable framework around which collaboration can take place
‒ Global usage helps align and communicate with partner companies, to build better partnerships
‒ NOCs often work with partners which requiring a clear framework for discussion

QUE$TOR includes all major components used in upstream development

  • Onshore and offshore drilling
  • Processing facilities
  • Infrastructure costs
  • Dry and wet trees
  • Various subsea components
  • Umbilicals and power cables
  • Pipelines and terminals
  • Offshore loading solutions
  • Hulls and floaters
  • Well service costs
  • All varieties of rigs
  • HPHT considerations