Resistoflex supply corrosion resistant plastic lined pipe, fittings and hose lined with Teflon PTFE. These are used in corrosive fluid services and act as an economical alternative to expensive alloys.


Resistoflex® manufacturers plastic-lined pipes and fittings with different liner types for a variety of applications. The product provides the user with an optimized cost/performance system over expensive alloys or other lined and unlined piping systems. It combines the mechanical strength of a metal housing and the corrosion resistance of an engieered plastic liner for temperatures up to 450°F (232°C)

Features And Benefits

  • Full compliance to all requirements of ASTM F1545-15a including qualification testing and documentation retention for PTFE, PVDF, and PP. Product is designed and tested to ASTM F1545-15a which is a “listed component standard” in ASME B31.3.
  • Patented Thermalok™ liner lock-in technology allows two dissimlar materials (steel and plastic) to act as one monolithic unit to distribute stress evenly during thermocycling.
  • Full vacuum capability is standard. No liner collapse in planned or unintended vacuum conditions.
  • Thickest liners in the industry is standard for best performance available in aggressive chemical service at any temperature and pressure.


Resistoflex® ATL was designed specifically to address the challenges of handling severe service applications. It has been proven to reduce permeation rates by up to 60% and features a full vacuum rating up to 450°F (232°C). As such, ATL Lined Pipes and Fittings are an economical choice compared to Exotic Alloys or Glass Lining.

Features And Benefits

Optimized PTFE liner

Resistoflex®ATL PTFE liners are produced from carefully formulated resins and proprietary processing and lining techniques. The result is a molded PTFE liner that provides optimal crystallinity and strength. ATL PTFE liners provide the best permeation resistance in the industry.

Enhanced venting system

Resistoflex®ATL PTFE pipe and fittings are designed to minimize any potential permeation attack of the housing by use of an advanced venting system that eliminates blockage and corrosion at the vent hole.

Highly chemical and temperature

Resistant paint system Resistoflex®ATL PTFE pipe and fittings are double coated with a highly chemical and temperature resistant paint. This paint is rated to 450°F (232°C) and can be used under insulation.


Our flangeless systems are designed to reduce the maintenance and risk associated with flanged joints. These systems include Conquest flangeless piping, Extra-Long Pipe, and MultiAxis piping. These technologies can be used separately, but the best systems combine elements to balance reduced risk with installation and operational flexibility. Connections can be reduced by 90%.

Features And Benefits

  • Conquest Flangeless Connections: A system which uses mechanical couplings instead of flanges to provide completely sealed, permanent pipe-to-pipe and pipe-to-fitting connections.
  • Multi-Axis: Precision-bent plastic-lined pipe, a system whereby pipe sections are bent at any angle up to 90°.
  • Forty-foot (12.2m): Straight sections of Resistoflex® Plastic-Lined Piping, which are specified instead of two twenty-foot (6.1m) flanged sections.


The High Integrity FlangeTM System is a 1” – 8” PTFE-lined pipe and fittings system with a modified flange connection. The flange connection utilizes a dual load path design that results in an extremely robust connection with a variety of benefits.

Features And Benefits

  • Fire Safe
  • Practically Maintenance Free
  • High-Torque System for Fully Stressed/Tensioned Bolting
  • Automatic Load Compensation
  • No Need for Re-Torques
  • Dual-Containment
  • Emissionless
  • Shields Plant Operators

RESISTOFLEX® Large Diameter

Resistoflex® offers an up to 48″ product line that includes not only pipe, but a full complement of fittings, flanges, spacers and special shapes. Liner materials include Polypropylene, ETFE and High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Features And Benefits

  • Choice of three chemical resistant liners
  • Mechanically Locked into the housing
  • Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Liner thickness ranging from 0.125” – 0.450”
  • Lengths up to 20FT
  • Flanged and ready to install
  • Single piece complex shapes
  • Smooth Liners prevent buildup of scale and biologics