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CEO’s message on SalesForce:Keeping in tradition of being at the cutting edge of technology, MISL had been toying with the various CRM’s to the extend that many years ago when nothing was available in the market which was very good, at that time MISL wrote the parameters of what it wanted to see as a programme to control and automate the processes, so a mini ERP was written which went live at a server within our offices. This kept on developing as years passed by and it became a very robust platform.
MISL wanted to move to a cloud based system and considered various ERP’s and CRM’s including hosting our own developed ERP on the cloud. Although we had the technology, but we are not exactly a software company, hence we decided to go with the best in the market and we choose SalesForce.Com. This the company implemented on its own and migrated all it’s data from it’s previous system to SalesForce. We believe that we are one of the finest instances of Sales Force in the country. How ever we are not satisfied with what we have achieved so far, as we believe that this is just a root to a lot of treasure which Salesforce can offer.