Saunders Valves is part of CRANE Company which produces full range of Diaphragm Valves.



Saunders is the worldwide leader in Diaphragm Valves. It manufactures the diaphragm by itself whereas other companies purchase the diaphragm from different vendors.

The Saunders® Industrial Diaphragm Valve, first developed more than seventy years ago, has evolved to handle more fluids, gases, solids and powder than any other type of valve. A wide choice of materials are available and a flexible range of operating methods have been developed to satisfy the needs of most industrial applications.

We are regular suppliers of Saunders Diaphragm Valves to Pakistan’s major industries like.

  • Fauji Fertilizer Company Ltd.
  • Sitara Chemicals
  • Ittedhad Chemicals
  • Dawood Hercules
  • Engro Asahitc.

Saunders manufactures two types of diaphragm valves: