CAMERON is a leading provider of a wide range of equipment and solutions for the oil and gas industry in the world. From many years, they work with the onshore and offshore drilling companies, refineries, pipeline and energy operators in full scope from crude extraction, processing to transport.  Cameron have 180 years of experience in the industry and employs more than 2,700 workers. The company’s philosophy reflects the opinion: Find out who we are, what we do, how we do it, and what we value in our overview “Raising Performance. Together”.

Among a wide range of CAMERON product portfolio we can distinguish some basic divisions: Flow Control, Drilling Systems, Surface Systems, Process Systems, Reciprocating Compression, Centrifugal Compression, Distributed and Valves, Valve Automation, and Measurement

MISL Working relation with Cameron

Become Sales Representative of Cameron in Pakistan in the early 1990’s. Uptill now we have been supplied large number of API Valves and actuators to E&P and Power Houses.

What we Are offering

Gas Processing

For High performance & positive seating Cameron's valve offer dependable, zero-leakage control

Offshore Drilling

Featuring in-line repairability & maintenance-free performance, Cameron's valves provide flexible solutions for today s drilling applications.


Cameron manufacturing high-quality valves for the safe transport of potentially dangerous chemicals

Offshore product

For enhanced sealing & long-term reliability Cameron offers valves featuring bevelded self-aligning clappers, compact spherical designs & assortment of seating options

Refining oil

Cameron's range of quality valves for refining services offers easy installation and maintenance-free performance

Subsea Production

Designed to operate efficiency in deepwater, high-pressure applications, Cameron's field-proven valves are available for subsea production.


Cameron offers wide range of proven, flexible products with special design features for all installations.

On shore Drilling

Committed to providing safe drilling technology, Cameron provides valves that enhance safety while increasing drilling efficiency

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