OIL Injected Bare Shaft
Company: Howden
elivering high reliability and performance for refrigeration and gas compression applications globally.
​Max Pressure Up to 75bar​ ​1,087 psia
​Max Power ​Up to 8,500 kW ​11,400 hp
​Max Flow rate ​Up to 29,000 sm3/hr ​24 mmScfd
​Max Speed ​Up to 5,000 rpm ​

Oil Free Bare Shaft Screw
Company: Howden
Oil free gas delivery.
Positive displacement / rotary action.
Compact and lightweight.
High integrity design.
High tolerances to particulates, liquids and dirty gases.
​Max Pressure Up to 15bar a​ ​218 psia
​Max Power ​Up to 4,000 kW ​5,364 hp
​Max Flow rate ​Up to 26,000 sm3/hr ​22.04 mmScfd
​Max Speed ​Up to 15,000 rpm ​

Oil Free Bare Shaft Screw
Company: Howden
High discharge pressures.
Integral capacity control.
Compact and lightweight with few moving parts.
Effective / efficient temperature and dew point control.
Application: as gathering.
Sour gas handling.
Gas re-liquefaction.
Fuel gas boosting.

Oil Free Bare Shaft Screw
Company: Howden
Surge free, low vibration operation
Low friction, high speed operation, volumetric delivery and efficiency
Volume ratios set for process
Temperature control via liquid injection for stability, less fouling and prevention of polymerization
API 619 compliant with minimal deviations