Sensia - Flow Computers - Flow Meters
Sensia - Flow Computers - Flow Meters

Sensia - Flow Computers - Flow Meters

Sensia pipeline solutions provide controls and analytics that improve the uptime, safety, and energy consumption of your gas transport assets such as compressor stations  MISL support in Pakistan with these equipment which are highly efficient in new pipeline measurement, control and monitoring systems, as well as experience with existing system upgrades. Major products Sensia – Flow Computers – Flow Meters 

QRATE Scanner 3000 series flow computers

A superior electronic flowmeter and remote terminal unit for SCADA applications

QRATE Scanner 3000 series Sensia – Flow Computers – Flow Meters   provide highly precise measurement and control to a single location with minimal automation requirements or it can be deployed as a central hub to a multidevice automation system. Each model comes field-ready with easy predeployment configurability and capex-saving wired or wireless automation architecture. Sensia – Flow Computers – Flow Meters


  • Rugged Zone 1, Division 1 packaging with international certifications
  • Dedicated wiring compartment with four conduit entries
    Through-the-glass display control
  • Optional direct mounted
Qrate Scanner 3100 Integrated Control Flow Computer
Sensia _Scanner_3300
Qrate Scanner 3300 Integraded Control Flow Computer

QRATE SCANNER 3300 INTEGRATED CONTROL Sensia - Flow Computers - Flow Meters

  • Compact panel mount chassis
  • Color backlight touch screen display that supports configuration and data access to password controlled authorized users
  • Integrated Wi-Fi operating as a client or access point
    DIN rail space behind face plate to mount expansion input and output modules
  • Adaptable frequency inputs – any of the three-frequency input are adaptable to function as additional analog inputs
    Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability
  • Eleven-position grounding bar facilitates tidy wiring


QRATE Scanner 3000 series flow computers are a result of thoughtful research and engineering to create the best metrology flow computer. Accurate computed results require
high-integrity input data, and the QRATE Scanner 3000 series flow computers are unparalleled in this regard. Each analog input, including the multivariable sensor, can be set to sample
ten times per second which enables capturing flow pulsations that would be missed by ordinary once per second sampling.
The sampling for the QRATE Scanner 3000 series flow
computers is not only fast but also precise, with each acquired
value having been resolved to one part in 16 million. The final key
to excellence in data acquisition is simultaneous data capture.
Sensia took unprecedented care to build each model with 10
analog-to-digital converters. This enables the measurement
of pressure, temperature, and flow as each occur, ensuring the
measurements are not offset by the latency of a multiplexed
data sampling system. Sensia – Flow Computer – Chart Recorder – Turbine Meters 

Sensia - Flow Computer - Chart Recorder - Turbine Meters
flow computer data acquisition
Sensia - Flow Computers - Flow Meters
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