Intervene less.
Deliver more.

Sensia - Flow Computers - Flow Meters

Sensia Rockwell Automation + Schlumberger
Shared oil & gas domain expertise and artificial lift experience
Rockwell Automation- 53% Pioneering process automation and safety expertise, real-time control and IoT Technologies
Schlumberger –47% Unmatched petrotechincal domain, measurement and instrumentation, software and analytics capabilities

Process Automation Solution

lNG Terminal



Gas Treatement

Compression Plant

Offshore Plant

Process Automation & Safety

Offshore Plate

Offshore Plateform

LNG Supply

Blow Out Preventor

LNG Supply

Subsea Compression

More oil. For less. Proven in the field

Take Intelligent Action to make up to 85% fewer interventions

From measurement and control assemblies to intuitive and innovative software – our purpose-built and pre-engineered Automated Gas Lift Optimization solutions are carefully designed to put you in complete command of the operational inefficiencies holding back your production potential.

Powerful automation. Proven in the field.

Our recent field trials empowered the operator to react faster.

Identifying and remediating issues in hours, rather than days.

Less gas used to maximize the effective flow of reservoir liquids
Reduction in manual interventions across the duration of the field trial
Overcome up to 5% of your production shortfall

Take your first step towards ConnectedProduction™

Expand your field of vision with our connected oil & gas digitalization platform – the open technology that underpins our new breed of autonomic, automated and connected solutions. Including automated gas lift optimization.