This is the most common type of mixer used in the country and the whole world. The LSE range of side entry mixers is designed to meet the needs of the most arduous applications of the Process Industries and the special needs of oil industry services.

A new standard for side entry Mixers

Rigid robust cast construction: built-in strength for heavy-duty service.
Modular design: for the economy of construction and in-service versatility.
Standard metric ORNEMA frame motors: or specials to suit your needs
High-speed flexible coupling: non-lubricated, non-wearing:

Right angle gear reducer: Proven unit, specifically designed for side-entering service.
Positive sealing: Low maintenance, single mechanical seal or stuffing box option, or specials.
One-piece output shaft: Rigidly supported, compact unit, increases seal life, reduces maintenance.
Precision bevel gears: AGMA quality 10 spiral bevel gearing.
Swivel angle module: To meet the process requirements of crude oil storage tanks. Fixed angle option also available.
Tand shut-off: Simple and effective taper shut-off. Needs no special alignment for operation.
High-efficiency A310 impeller: Gives up to 50% more process result than conventional propellers.


Generally, horsepower levels are proportional to process results for a given type of impeller and running speed. Horsepower requirements for a particular application depending on the following mixing variables:

• Blend time
• Tank height/diameter ratio and tank volume
• Viscosity
• Density difference
• Impeller orientation Motor horsepower is determined by applying the formula:
(Volume Factor)x(Time Factor) x (Viscosity Factor) x (Density Difference Factor)
Blend Time

Additional Considerations:
• Sizing strategy applies for most typical API tank configurations, limiting tank heights to 15m to 18m. Within these heights, there is no Z/T correction. However, the actual initial Z/T should be greater than 0.25. Otherwise, the required mixing flow pattern will not be properly developed.
• Use of LIGHTNIN’s high-efficiency impellers can reduce power requirements or blend time by 40% or more.
• If conditions vary from those in this example, please consult your LIGHTNIN sales engineer for mixer sizing and selection assistance.