SPX’s Flow Technology segment designs manufacture and markets engineered solutions and products used to process, blend, meter and transport fluids. We also offer equipment for air and gas filtration and dehydration. Our leading brands have global operations which serve the food & beverage, power and energy and industrial markets.

Processing equipment for the offshore oil and gas industry must meet exacting health, safety and environmental standards, plus deliver the highest performance at all times. Therefore, reliability and engineering support throughout the life of the equipment is critically important.

SPX Flow Technology manufactures fluid and gas handling products, including pumps, valves, mixers, heat exchangers, pipe closures and filtration equipment. It is also a major international manufacturer of integrated processing systems and packages. Key SPX brands serving the oil and gas industry include Bran + Luebbe, Plenty, Johnson Pump, Lightnin, M&J Valve, GD Engineering, Copes-Vulcan, Airpel Filtration, APV and OFM.


Major Brands



APV manufactures Plate Heat Exchanger including Gasket, Brazed, and Semi-Welded Plate, Tubular, Scraped Surface, Hybrid and District Heating Units. Heat exchangers suitable for Hygienic and Industrial applications

Bran + Luebbe manufactures metering and process pumps, process systems as well as analyzing equipment.

LIGHTNIN manufactures top entry mixers, agitators, aerators, and flocculation for fluid process systems.

PLENTY manufactures side entry markets of oil, edible oil, wastewater treatment, chemical processing and pulp and paper.