SigmaFast 278
Company: PPG
Excellent corrosion- and water resistance
Fast-curing times
With the PPG SIGMALINE 855 repair, field joints of the pipes could be done effortlessly after welding of pipes in the field installation process.
Sufficient UV protection while awaiting exterior field installation on site
Excellent abrasion- and impact resistance against minor damage that occurs whilst handling, transporting and installing the pipes
Excellent adhesion
High DFTs (1,500 microns) in a single coat

Sigma Cover 522
Company: PPG
primer to 75–100 microns (3–4 mils).
PPG FOAMGLAS® was then installed to insulate and protect the tank against cryogenic temperatures of –170°C/–274°F due to the propane gas storage.
The PPG PITT-CHAR XP coating was easily applied to the PPG FOAMGLAS encased sphere, providing fire protection of 120 minutes and protecting the steel legs supporting the sphere with 180 minutes of fire protection.