Cost-effective, reliable, robust, and environmentally friendly solution for H₂S removal from natural gas

The THIOPAQ O&G biodesulfurization system uses nonhazardous, naturally occurring, and self-regulating bacteria to convert H2S in a produced gas stream to manageable solid elemental sulfur that can be used in a variety of agricultural applications or disposed of in a landfill. This addresses two goals: environmental stewardship and positive economics.

The process removes H2S from low-, medium-, and high-pressure streams in direct treat operations. It easily installs for indirect treating and runs downstream of amine, Claus, and membrane units for emissions cleanup and sulfur recovery. The THIOPAQ O&G system produces treated gas that meets a typical H2S outlet specification of 4 ppm or less.


  • The system requires significantly less chemicals compared with other competing technologies.
  • Nonsticky sulfur product results in easier operability, less downtime from clogging, more sulfur disposal options (agricultural and landfill), and less sulfur-handling equipment.
  • Nontoxic wastestreams are disposed of more easily compared with conventional sweetening processes.
  • Naturally occurring biological process is an environmentally friendly green technology.
  • Nontoxic process provides you with simple operation and low maintenance.
  • Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)—produced in association with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)—enables easier regulatory compliance and approval.