TK Trunnion mounted Ball Valves

TK brand is the recognized leader in metal-to-metal seating and weld overlay technology for severe service conditions. Customers have available a variety of stainless steel and high-nickel alloys which can be applied to the valve’s critical areas, improving valve performance and increasing service life. 


The TK valve uses a proprietary grade tungsten carbide coating which is applied to both the ball and seats using computer-controlled equipment ensuring even application and hardness. Cameron’s TK ball valves offer end users a longer service life alternative when erosive, corrosive, or combinations of extreme service conditions are present. For over 50years, the TK brand has supplied service-engineered solutions in demanding oil and gas environments.

Sizes & Pressures Class:

  • 2 in – 36 in. (150 to 600)
  • 2 in – 24 in. 900 and 1500
  • 2 in – 16 in. 2500 Class

Full Port and Reduced Port Design Operating Temperatures:

  • -50°F to 550°F (-46°C to 288°C)


Carbon, Stainless Steel, Duplex SS, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, and others upon request.


  • Critical Metal Seated Performance
  • Design for High Temperature, Abrasive and Severe
    Corrosive Applications.
  • API 6D Design