Since 1897, Trillium Flow Technologies™ Gabbioneta Pumps® brand has grown by delivering precise and durable heavy-duty pumps to customers. . Their Head quarter is in Italy and large installed base in all over the world includes, Refining, Power, Chemical & Petrochemical industries.

Gabbioneta feature the entire API 610 range with overhung, between bearings, vertically suspended, single or multistage pumps designed for the most severe operating conditions.

By choosing Trillium Flow Technologies Gabbioneta spare parts, robustness, resilience and strength of our pumps is improved, significantly increasing the operating life of your project


Oil & Gas Applications:

There are many entry pionts to the oil and gas produciton and supply chain and most of them require some form of pump activated fuild transfer to keep production reliable, on schedule and on budget. Recognizing this, trillium flow contrl has engineered its pump technologies with uniqe feature and benefits which can help satify the needs of each of the treee main sectors in Oil and Gas production