Texsteam (A division of Dresser Inc.) is a leader in oil and gas sector for the last many years and the leading oil & gas exploration companies like BP, SHELL, PPL, TOTAL, SCHLUMBERGER are using these pumps for chemical injection into their process at different stages.

Texsteam pumps are available mainly in four major types as follows:

• Electric Pumps
• Pneumatic Pumps
• Beam Pumps
• Solar Pumps

Pakistan Petroleum Ltd
Orient Petroleum International Inc.
PetronazCarigali (Pakistan) Ltd


These are motor-driven pumps with maximum discharge pressure of 6000 psi and maximum discharge volume up to 150 gallons per day.
Built-in gear reducer available in different ranges as per requirement.
These are also available in many different models with different pressure & temperature ranges.



Designed to pump any liquid from alcohol to mud
Easily handles 1/4″ solids, abrasives, and fibrous materials
Handles all types of solutions and chemicals, methanol and corrosion inhibitors continuously
Single or dual-headed units available
Field adjustable speed/volume control
Operates with air/gas pressures as low as 5 psi.
Furnished with or without reservoirs.
Adjustable for use in hazardous areas
Exhaust gas can be recovered to minimize gas consumption
Heads made from cast steel or 316 stainless steel


Designed for use on pumping wells
Single or dual-headed units available
Positive displacement
Accurate chemical injection
Simple design, easy maintenance


iCIP™ Intelligent Chemical Injection Pump

Variable speed motor to match output requirements
Uses years proven Texsteam packing and plunger technology
Pump output from 2 quarts to 185 QPD (Quarts per Day)
Output pressure available to 5000 psi
Continuous duty motor
Programmable control the injection of expensive chemicals
Available in different models such as,
Basic Model
Site Monitor Model
Communications Model
Communications & Data Logging Model

Proven Texsteam Pump Reliability
• Time proven design, stainless steel head
• Wide variety of available packing materials to meet all conditions
• Oil-less utilizing permanently lubricated bearings
• Available with single or multi-head configuration